Vision & Values

GoGreen Now is a small new business from Galway in Ireland. We are selling our very own GoGreen Now Tree Kits. When we decided to set up a business, as we brainstormed ideas, it was immediately clear that we wanted to come up with a product that was Sustainable, eco-friendly and would help the environment, a tree kit seemed like the perfect idea.  All materials used are as eco-friendly as possible. As a business we want to help in the fight to stop climate change and deforestation. We also ensure to be Ethical in all aspects of our business.

Coillte Ireland had surplus acorns this year, as they were not able to plant as many as usual, due to Covid19. They kindly donated hundreds of acorns to GoGreen Now and we are very grateful for that. 

By planting one acorn, which will produce a beautiful Pedunculate oak tree, that is one small step to help our environment. Many small steps like this, can have a big impact over time - 'Making the World a Better Place'.

We are entered in the Student Enterprise Programme Ireland and we hope to win with our GoGreen Now Tree Kit.