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GoGreen Now

Making The World A Better Place

GoGreen Now is an eco-friendly, Covid-friendly small business from Galway in Ireland, developed by a group of six 1st year students. We are selling our eco-friendly GoGreen Now Tree Kits. Our kits include a Coillte top quality acorn seed, a small packet of soil, biodegradable bags to hold the seed and soil, a biodegradable pot and instructions on how to plant your acorn seed! All you need to grow your own magnificent Pedunculate Oak Tree, one of the finest native trees in Ireland.        


As a business we want to help in the fight to stop deforestation and climate change by making our product as eco-friendly as possible!   

As a result of the Covid19 pandemic, Coillte could not plant all of their usual supply of Acorn Seeds. Coillte have very kindly donated hundreds of acorn seeds to us. They will grow into magnificent Pedunculate oak trees and with Coillte acorns, you can be assured that the acorns are of the highest quality. 

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About Us

We are a small new business from Galway in Ireland, set up by 1st year students. Our goal is to win the Student Enterprise Programme 20/21. We encourage you, by using our Tree Kits, to plant one acorn, which will in time produce a beautiful Pedunculate oak tree. That is one small step to help our environment. Many small steps like this, can have a big impact over time - 'Making the World a Better Place'. 

Welcome to GoGreen Now!

Meet The GoGreen Now Team

Sarah O'Grady

Stephanie Walsh

Clodagh O'Donnell

Alyssa Salvo

Anna Sweeney

Kathryn O'Grady

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